Death by baby blanket

So, did you hear the one about the crazy pregnant lady who went a bit overboard when making a baby blanket and ended up crashing the plane with her crocheting hook? No?

Me neither.

But the baby blanket – that was started on my previous flight where crocheting was not deemed dangerous, and is probably unravelling as I type as the crocheting hook – with no sharp ends whatsoever, was denied access to my hand luggage.

This time, we are on the way to the Azores. I guess not many flights go there, as our flight’s destination is Boston (US). I guess maybe they will parachute us down when we approach Sao Miguel- the main island of the Azores group and where our holiday begins.

It is only on US and UK flights I have ever been denied crocheting for my little passenger. Some people say you can’t be too careful these days. I am not sure if these are the same people that think that matches on a plane is ok. But wool and a tiny hook is not.

I am sorry.

What planet do I live on, again?

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